Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Position Vs Content Lenght

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of a website in Search Engine  Results Page (SERP). If you build a website and write posts or sell a product or service. You want your website to be in the first position in the search results. However, there are several factors that … Read more Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Gnuplot Tutorial

Gnuplot is a software that is used to produce the quality graph. Furthermore, among researchers, Gnuplot is very popular for articles publication. Download GnuplotLink to download   Procedure to plot a graph using Gnuplot commandsStep-1:   Write These commands in a fileset terminal jpeg;set output “cbr_thp.jpeg”;set xlabel font “Times-Roman, 20”;set xtics font “Times-Roman, 20”;set ylabel font “Times-Roman, 20”;set ytics font “Times-Roman, 20”;set xlabel “Offered Load (KB/Sec)”;set ylabel “Application Throughput” ;plot … Read more Gnuplot Tutorial

Browser’s Plug-Ins for Blogger

Importance of  Browser’s Plug-ins To know statistics of your blog or website or others, browser’s plug-ins help to understand the performance and necessary actions to take. Furthermore, to help you there are many browser’s plug-ins are developed. But, many bloggers do not know that there are bundles of free plug-ins. That can help you to … Read more Browser’s Plug-Ins for Blogger

Affiliate Marketing Guide

What is affiliate  marketing? Affiliate marketing is a commission based marketing in which there are three players. Player-1- Publisher ( Blogger, Website Owner) Player-2- Service or Product Provider ( Amazon, BlueHost Web Hosting Provider) Player-3- Customer From the above list if a customer ( player-3) purchases a product or a service of of player-2 from … Read more Affiliate Marketing Guide

Keyword Research for SEO


Keyword research is the process of finding appropriate blog’s post title that will rank in search engines with low competition and high CPC for a publisher. To understand keyword research process you have to understand some metrics of keyword research. Metrics of Keyword Research Search Volume – Search volume refers to the the  monthly average … Read more Keyword Research for SEO

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

 EU’s GDPR stands for General Data Protection regulation and it gives more authority over  on line data of an individual that giant companies are using  for example, Google, Facebook and  Twitter. Further, you can understand by Google’s collection of data for Adsense advertisement. Google collects data from your email-id, your cookies, search history and  YouTube. … Read more GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)