Correlation in Statistics

Spearman Rank Correlation

Correlation Correlation measures  the relation between two variables  that how they are related.  And is denoted by r and  ρ moreover, the correlation quantifies the level of relationship between -1 to +1. If the value of correlation  r is -1 then there is perfect negative relationship. If value of  correlation is  +1  then there is … Read more Correlation in Statistics

Standard Deviation, Variance and Covariance

Standard Deviation

Standard Deviation Variance and Covariance Standard deviation, variance and covariance have very important applications in machine learning and data science. Further, they are closely related to each other. In feature reduction techniques, such as PCA ( Principle Component Analysis) features are selected based on  high variance.  In this post I will explain standard deviation, variance … Read more Standard Deviation, Variance and Covariance

Skewness and Kurtosis

Skewness and Kurtosis- Introduction- Skewness and Kurtosis are very important  concepts in statistics and have several applications.  In addition, they characterize the nature of data distribution which make data analysis easier. Moreover, I will separately discuss skewness and kurtosis in further sections. Skewness- Skewness  refers the measurement of lack of symmetry in data distribution. Measures … Read more Skewness and Kurtosis

Measures of Central Tendency : Mean, Median and Mode

Measures Central Tendency

Measures of central tendency in statistics  refers to a value which characterizes all the the data.  Mean, median and mode are very important measures of central tendency. Measures of central tendency is very fundamental in data science,  machine learning and data analytics areas. Moreover, if you want to make a carrier in data analytics you … Read more Measures of Central Tendency : Mean, Median and Mode

Frequency Distribution in Statistics

frequency distribution

Frequency distribution  in statistics refers to a graph or table which depicts or illustrate the occurrences of values. Frequency distribution is very important in study of statistics, machine learning and data science area.  To  understand frequency distribution you have to understand organization of data. Basically, there are three types of data organization techniques. 1- Individual … Read more Frequency Distribution in Statistics