CSIR-NET Syllabus for Mathematical Sciences

csirnet math syllabus

CSIR-UGC National Eligibility Test (NET) for Junior Research Fellowship and Lecturer-ship COMMON SYLLABUS FOR PART ‘B’ AND ‘C’ MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES UNIT –  1 Analysis: Elementary set theory, finite, countable and uncountable sets, Real number system as a complete ordered field, Archimedean property, supremum, infimum. Sequences and series, convergence, limsup, liminf. Bolzano Weierstrass theorem, Heine Borel … Read more CSIR-NET Syllabus for Mathematical Sciences

Numerical Model of LPP

Numerical Model of LPP:- Objective:- The main objective is long-run profit maximization and find optimal production Quantity (Mix). The measure of effectiveness: The measure of effectiveness is profit obtained from each type of models so as to determine the optimal number of model of each type to be produced. Controllable Variable (a) The number of … Read more Numerical Model of LPP

Confidence Intervals

Confidence intervals consist of a range of values (interval) that act as good estimates of the unknown Population parameter. However, the interval computed from a particular sample does not necessarily include the true value of the parameter. Confidence intervals were introduced to statistics by Jerzy Neyman in a paper published in 1937. According to the … Read more Confidence Intervals

Mathematical Model of LPP

Mathematical Model of LPP:- The general mathematical model of LPP (or model) with n decision variables and m constraints can be stated in the following form :   There are some limitations associated with this technique. These are the following:- (a) This technique is based on the assumption of linear relations between inputs and outputs. … Read more Mathematical Model of LPP

Linear Programming Problem

Linear Programming Problem is a mathematical technique for finding optimal solutions to problems. Its problems expressed using linear equations and inequalities. The real-world problems represent accurately by the mathematical equations of a linear program also this method will find the best solution to the problem. In 1947, during World War ll, George B Dantzig while … Read more Linear Programming Problem

Operations Research Methodology

Every Operations Research specialist may have his own way of solving problems. However, the effective use of Operations Research techniques require to problem solving consists of the following six steps: a).Formulation of the problem : It involves analysis of physical systems, setting of objectives determination of restriction, constraints against which decision should be adopted, alternative courses … Read more Operations Research Methodology

Optimal Production Policy Project

Optimal Production Policy Under Certain And Uncertain Environment  INDEX:- CONTENTS: 1. Introduction of Operations Research 2. A methodology of Operation Research 3. What is Linear Programming Problem 4 Mathematical Model for LPP 5. Confidence Interval and Confidence limit 6. Tabulation 7. Construction of Mathematical Model and Solution 8. Conclusion 9. References 146  1