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Latex is a software package for articles, books, theses, and  PPT  preparation. TexStudio is an editor for Latex. FlashBack  of Latex It was released in 1983. Leslie Lamport developed the typesetting software. The name of Latex has come from the adding the first two letters of sir name of    Leslie Lamport i.e La and Tex i.e … Read more Latex Editor TexStudio

Gnuplot Tutorial

Gnuplot is a software that is used to produce the quality graph. Furthermore, among researchers, Gnuplot is very popular for articles publication. Download GnuplotLink to download   Procedure to plot a graph using Gnuplot commandsStep-1:   Write These commands in a fileset terminal jpeg;set output “cbr_thp.jpeg”;set xlabel font “Times-Roman, 20”;set xtics font “Times-Roman, 20”;set ylabel font “Times-Roman, 20”;set ytics font “Times-Roman, 20”;set xlabel “Offered Load (KB/Sec)”;set ylabel “Application Throughput” ;plot … Read more Gnuplot Tutorial

White Board Animation Softwares

White board animation softwares White board animation softwares are very useful for making educational videos and marketing purposes. Furthermore, many people do not want to face camera. For those it is very helpful that without facing camera they can make videos. One of the benefits of  using these softwares that each process and event  you … Read more White Board Animation Softwares