Latex Online Course for Beginners

Structure of a Latex Document

To start with latex document preparation you have to about the basic structure of a Latex document. I have installed TexStudio Editor on my system and I also assume you have installed TexStudio editor on your system.

TexStudio is very user-friendly Latex editor compared to other editors such as Texmaker and others. If you have opened TexStudio editor you will see the following interface.



Click on wizards option you will see the following popped-up window.

In the popped-up window, you will see the geometry option. Using this option (actually a package in Latex) you can specify width, height, and margins of a latex document. If you click on geometry option you will see the following window.


Click on OK button then the following code will be generated by TexStudio Wizards option.


You can observe that the first statement is \documentclass which is compulsory and the first line in a Latex document.  After that, you can notice \usepackage commands this command is used to call libraries in a Latex document. For example, if you want to include an image you have to use graphix package i.e. \usepackage{graphix}.  After that, you can see \title and \author commands which are used to include title and author(s).  Between \begin{document} and \end{document} you will write your whole document.

The whole concept is explained below in the video.

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