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  • This lecture series contains videos, study materials and quizzes related to the following topics.
    Python character set
    Tokens and its types
    The basic process to follow the lecture series is.
    1- First watch […]

  • File Handling in Python
    What happens when you run a program and input some data to be processed. You get result and if you again run your program your previous data are lost. Since Random Access Memory (RAM) is […]

  • In Python, lambda keyword is used to create anonymous function in Python. User defined functions in Python are defined using def keyword. However, anonymous functions in Python are defined using lambda […]

  • Chi Square Distribution
    Chi square variate is a square of a normal variate having 1 degree of freedom and  chi square distribution is a special case of Gamma distribution.

    If X is following normal […]

  • Gamma function and Gamma Probability Distribution
    Gamma function and Gamma probability density both are very important concepts in mathematics and statistics. Furthermore, understanding Gamma function and Gamma […]

  • Improper Integrals
    In improper integral, either upper limit or lower limit tends to -∞ or ∞. Furthermore, both integrals may approach to infinity one negative infinity -∞ and other is ∞.

    Examples of imprope […]

  • Linear Programming Problem
    The problem of formulating an objective function and constraints an establishing relationship between variables is called a programming problem (LPP).
    If objective function and […]

  • Nested Lists in Python
    List in Python is a powerful data structure and it allows arbitrary numbers of nested lists in Python.  However, problems you will face to access them using loops. In this post, I have […]

  • Principal Component Analysis(PCA)
    Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is an unsupervised machine learning feature reduction technique for high-dimensional and correlated data sets. Images and text documents have […]

  • Insertion Sort in Python
    Insertion sort examine the previously sorted sub-array and insert an element at its proper position.
    If you have an array a[0], a[1], a[2], a[3],……….a[n].
    Then in insertion sort […]

  • Inheritance in Object Oriented Programming
    Inheritance is the process of acquiring properties from a father class into a child class. Suppose there are two classes A and B, then if B acquires properties of A i.e […]

  • Computer Vision-
    Computer Vision refers to enable computers to understand digital images and videos. Mathematical and signal processing knowledge can help a lot to understand computer vision study field. The […]

  • Selection Sort
    Selection sort uses statistical technique which finds minimum/maximum from a list and puts it at appropriate position. If you consider ascending order the smallest element will be placed at the […]

  • Binary Search
    Basic idea behind binary search is to divide sorted array in two parts, and check whether the element which divides the array is desired element . And if the desired element is found then stop the […]

  • Classes and Objects in Python

    In object oriented programming, a class contains procedures and data members. And treated as an abstract data type.
    An object is an instance of a class.


    In […]

  • Function-
    A function is a self-contained block of statement to perform a specific task.

    Basically, there are two types of function
    Library Functions
    These functions are are provided by a Python’s package […]

  • Expectation  in statistics
    Expectation  in statistics is the weighted average of a random variable with its probability.

    Suppose you toss three coins, then think of event to turn heads up.

    Random variable a […]

  • Array in Python

    Python does not have in-built array. However, in C/C++ and Java you have learnt array and have expectation that it would be in Python. Further, array also a very important data structure and […]

  • Dictionary in Python

    Dictionary in Python is collection of unordered items. Python provide in-built support for dictionary. Unlike, other in-built data structures in which they have single value such list, […]

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