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Python Fundamentals

  1. This lecture series contains videos, study materials and quizzes related to the following topics.
    Python character set
    Tokens and its types
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Things to remember

Character set is a set of valid characters which Python recognizes and uses.

Python has the following character set.

Letters: {a,b,c,….,z} {A,B,C,…Z}
Digits: {0,1,2,3,4,….,9}
Special Symbols: (), _, #, {}
Whitespaces: newline, tab, formfeed
ASCII and Unicode characters

Tokens in Python


Sunita Arora, Computer Science with Python Textbook for Class XI, Dhanpat Rai and Co., Edition 2019, Pages 120-154.

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Lambda Function in Python

In Python, lambda keyword is used to create anonymous function in Python. User defined functions in Python are defined using def keyword. However, anonymous functions in Python are defined using lambda keyword. The syntax of anonymous function is afun=lambda parameters : expression Lambda function expression must be in a single line expression. Examples are- Sum … Read more Lambda Function in Python

Chi Square Distribution

Chi Square Distribution PDF

Chi Square Distribution Chi square variate is a square of a normal variate having 1 degree of freedom and  chi square distribution is a special case of Gamma distribution. If X is following normal distribution N(μ, σ) then Z=((X-μ)/σ)2 is a chi-square variate with 1 degree of freedom. The generalized form of chi-square variate is … Read more Chi Square Distribution

Gamma Function and Gamma Probability Density Function

Gamma Probability Density Function

Gamma function and Gamma Probability Distribution Gamma function and Gamma probability density both are very important concepts in mathematics and statistics. Furthermore, understanding Gamma function and Gamma probability density helps to understand chi-square distribution which plays very important role in machine learning. Especially, in Decision Tree Learning Chi-Square distribution used. In this post, I will … Read more Gamma Function and Gamma Probability Density Function

Linear Programming Problem Solution in Python

Linear Programming Problem

Linear Programming Problem The problem of formulating an objective function and constraints an establishing relationship between variables is called a programming problem (LPP). If objective function and constraints are linear then the problem is called linear programming problem. Example- Sometimes, you come across the situation when you need to optimize your algorithm. If you can … Read more Linear Programming Problem Solution in Python