Sets and Relations

Sets and Relations

Sets Set is a collection of well-defined objects. Set’s Representation Basically, there are two ways of a set representation. Types of Set 1-Null Set A set is called null set if it is empty or…

Matrix of a Quadratic Form in 3 Variables

Quadratic Form in Linear Algebra

Quadratic Form in Linear Algebra An expression is called quadratic form in the variables x1, x2, x3,………….,xn over field F. Where aij i=1,2,3,….n, j=1,2,3,….m are elements of F. If aij are real then quadratic form…

Example of Convergence Test

Test for Convergence of Series

To understand test for  convergence of a series you have to understand sequence and series and related concepts. Sequence A sequence S is a function whose domain is natural numbers and range is real numbers….