How Do API Key Work?

Before, to know about  “How  API Key Works”  you should know about API.   API stands for Application Programming Interface and generally, compilers or interpreters provide inbuilt modules to application developers.  Furthermore, in a client-server computing environment.  A compiler or an interpreter can provide API  for another server or a client. However, a server or client can excessively call the API and overload server. Or a server sells API based on the plan such as the number of API/ $. There is a need for API key. API key is a long alphanumeric word that is used to identify a  client or a server.



Keywords Everywhere API Key-

If you install keyword Keywords Everywhere browser plugin you will ask for API key. If you provide, the plugin will be installed. And you can use it.

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Why do I need to signup for an API Key?

Previous versions of Keywords Everywhere did not need an API Key for access to the keyword metrics. Due to this certain individuals sent thousands of automated requests to our servers every second, thereby degrading performance for all users.

By ensuring that each user has their own Free API Key, we can limit such scenarios. By having your own Free API key, Keywords Everywhere will work more reliably for you.


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Keywords EveryWhere

Google’s  Services API Keys-


Google provides services as well as API keys. Such as Google Analytics, Search console. Blogger,  Keyword Planner etc..  That you can use in your application.

API Keys Google

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