Impact Factor of Journals

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Impact Factor (I.F.) is a  reputation measurement of research journals that shows citations per publication during a period of time. The Impact Factor is usually used to measure an academic journal reputation, popularity and for ranking. How to Find the Impact Factor- The general formula for the Impact Factor calculation is Impact Factor =  Number of … Read more Impact Factor of Journals

Latex Editor TexStudio

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Latex is a software package for articles, books, theses, and  PPT  preparation. TexStudio is an editor for Latex. FlashBack  of Latex It was released in 1983. Leslie Lamport developed the typesetting software. The name of Latex has come from the adding the first two letters of sir name of    Leslie Lamport i.e La and Tex i.e … Read more Latex Editor TexStudio

Internet of Things (IoT)

What is IoT- Internet of Things (IoT) refers to linking of devices that make a network and can share data. Further, here devices can be a bulb, a vehicle, a sensor in the human body, and even a door that you can open from a remote control.  IoT helps in automation, technology-driven business, health, smart city, intelligence vehicle system and … Read more Internet of Things (IoT)

Create a Social Media Website Using WordPress

Create a Social Media Website Using WordPress WordPress is the most popular CMS ( Content Management System) on the Internet. Moreover, 30% of websites are powered by the WordPress. Almost 55, 000 plugins are available to customize. Such as e-commerce, web directory, social media, business listings, SEO and many more. Furthermore, creating a social media … Read more Create a Social Media Website Using WordPress

Journal Finder for Publication

To find an appropriate journal for your research paper is crucial.  However, beginners ignore and they send research papers in the random journal. As a consequence, a lot of time and energy consumption. Many publishers provide journal finders for you. That can help to find a suitable journal for your article. Popular publishers, such as  … Read more Journal Finder for Publication

802 Project of IEEE

802 project 802 project is an IEEE(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)  initiative which standardizes  LAN (Local Area Networks)  and MAN (Metropolitan Area Networks) communication protocols. And it gives a number after 802 and a dot for a specific network. Such as, Ethernet  standardized  as  802.3 and WiFi  as 802.11 which are popular standards for wired LAN … Read more 802 Project of IEEE

CBRGEN Tool in NS-2

CBRGEN tool for NS-2 CBRGEN tool for NS-2 is used to create  random connections between nodes in wireless ad hoc networks, actually cbrgen is a file cbrgen.tcl  which  content listed below. the syntax for  generating connection file is. ns cbrgen.tcl [-type cbr|tcp] [-nn nodes] [-seed seed] [-mc connections] [-rate rate] > connections Example is ns … Read more CBRGEN Tool in NS-2

White Board Animation Softwares

White board animation softwares White board animation softwares are very useful for making educational videos and marketing purposes. Furthermore, many people do not want to face camera. For those it is very helpful that without facing camera they can make videos. One of the benefits of  using these softwares that each process and event  you … Read more White Board Animation Softwares