CBRGEN Tool in NS-2

CBRGEN tool for NS-2 CBRGEN tool for NS-2 is used to create  random connections between nodes in wireless ad hoc networks, actually cbrgen is a file cbrgen.tcl  which  content listed below. the syntax for  generating connection file is. ns cbrgen.tcl [-type cbr|tcp] [-nn nodes] [-seed seed] [-mc connections] [-rate rate] > connections Example is ns … Read more CBRGEN Tool in NS-2

White Board Animation Softwares

White board animation softwares White board animation softwares are very useful for making educational videos and marketing purposes. Furthermore, many people do not want to face camera. For those it is very helpful that without facing camera they can make videos. One of the benefits of  using these softwares that each process and event  you … Read more White Board Animation Softwares