Mathematics for Machine Learning

Mathematics is an essential part for machine learning  without maths it is hard to get into core concepts. In addition, machine learning uses concepts from different branches, however, these branch of mathematics are the backbone of the machine learning. 1- Linear Algebra Matrix, Vector Spaces and Linear Transformations, Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors ( Principle … Read more Mathematics for Machine Learning

Datasets for Machine Learning


For machine learning and data science projects data sets are necessary to train and test model. Furthermore, several datasets repository is available on the Internet. Some of them are freely available some need to pay money. Here I will list some popular datasets resources over the Internet for machine learning projects.   1-Kaggle Datasets Repository … Read more Datasets for Machine Learning

Matplotlib in Python

Matplot is a very powerful python library to visualize the datasets. It is built upon the SciPy and the NumPy library. Further, it would be better to give examples that make you understand the matplot library.   Example-1 import matplotlib.pyplot as plt x=[200,300,400,500,600,700] y=[200,300,400,500,600,700] plt.plot(x,y) Execution on ubuntu   The output of the code … Read more Matplotlib in Python

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the study of algorithms that use the mathematical and statistical model and historical data that allows software and programs to predict without being explicitly programmed. Furthermore, machine learning is being used by a variety of applications. 1- Email Filtering 2- Expert systems 3- Computer Vision 4- Marketing and Advertisement 5- Product Suggestion on  … Read more Machine Learning