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802 project

802 project is an IEEE(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)  initiative which standardizes  LAN (Local Area Networks)  and MAN (Metropolitan Area Networks) communication protocols. And it gives a number after 802 and a dot for a specific network. Such as, Ethernet  standardized  as  802.3 and WiFi  as 802.11 which are popular standards for wired LAN and wireless LAN respectively. Further,  IEEE 802 project specifies the physical and the data link layer model in TCP/IP stack. Which is jointly network access layer in TCP/IP model. The reason behind to need a specification for physical and the link layer. That can be understood by different between  Ethernet  (IEEE 802.3)  and  WiFi (IEEE 802.11) local area networks.

Original TCP/IP Stack

    Why do need specification for physical and the link layer?

Moreover, when communication medium changes form wired to wireless. The physical layer and data link layer need to be redesigned. For example in 802.3 at the data link layer there is no need of acknowledgement. Because,  on wired link there is the probability of packet error is almost negligible. But in 802.11 there is need of acknowledgment packet.  Since probability of packet error on the wireless link is very high.

Modified TCP/IP Stack

Another example is that Zigbee  ( IEEE 802.15.4 specification) which  sensor networks use. In which the data rate needs  very low  which is 200 kbps to 300 kbps. Because high data rate consumes high energy  so 802.11 specification will not be useful for sensor networks.

Usually, one or more parameters from the lists changes the 802 projects develops new  specification.

1- Communication Link

2- Topology

3- Data Rate

4- Transmission Range

5- Transmit Power

Till date, a lot of 802 projects are running for different networks.  And many researchers professionals from industries are contributing in the project.

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Conclusion-   In this article, I have tried to explain 802 projects hope it will help you.

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