Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is not a new word. However, nowadays business firms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Adobe, IBM and Amazon are incorporating AI technologies in their business strategies. Google speech recognization,  Google assistant,  Adobe Sensai,  E-Commerce giant  Amazon uses  AI to know the behavior of customers to provide better services and products.

Furthermore, not only in Internet technology but in healthcare AI is being applied. At Google, scientists have applied AI  to detect Metastatic Breast Cancer.   In robotics, Boston Dynamics developed a variety of robots using AI technology.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is continuously unboxing new technologies. And firms are using in the variety of ways from automation to improve operational efficiency. Here, I will point out some lists of specific applications of AI that is being used or will be used.

  • In  Digital marketing,  it is used to show personalized ads based on past experience.
  • Disease detection, in healthcare AI, is used to detect diseases from cancer to varieties of diseases. Not only in human but also in plants. An AI-based app Plantix in which you can take pictures of diseased plant and upload to the server. The app will show possible diseases.
  •  In automation, AI can be used on a huge scale. For manufacturing industries, AI is a natural choice. Because at danger places instead of human a robot can work. AI  also improves bringing coordination and automation among different components of the machines.
  • In the field of security, robots can be trained to watch and guard the places 24 hours.
  • Expert systems can be developed to make decisions efficiently.
  • Spam detection is very challenging for social media websites. AI can help to detect.
  • Humanless car using AI technology can reduce accidents.


AI in Disease Detection
Plantix App


AI can bring a lot of changes in business, industry, health, marketing and transportation. However, it can kill a lot of jobs by automation. Although,   it will also provide a lot of opportunities from AI experts to the maintenance person.   These situations will come when AI is on full pace.


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