Linear Programming Problem

Linear Programming Problem Solution in Python

Linear Programming Problem

The problem of formulating an objective function and constraints an establishing relationship between variables is called a programming problem (LPP).
If objective function and constraints are linear then the problem is called linear programming problem.
Linear Programming Problem
Sometimes, you come across the situation when you need to optimize your algorithm. If you can formulate your problem as a linear programming problem
then you can use linprog() function of scipy.optimize library in Python and can get optimize solution. scipy.optimize library of Python provides a variety of functions to solve optimization problems.
The simple problem which I have mentioned above I will solve using linprog() function from scipy.optimize library.

LPP Solution in Python

from scipy.optimize import linprog
c = [4, 2] # The coefficients of x and y in objective function
A = [[1, -3], [-4, -1]] # The coefficients of contraints in term of a matrix
b = [-6, -8] # Bounds on constraints
x_bounds = (0, None)
y_bounds = (0, None)
res = linprog(c, A_ub=A, b_ub=b, bounds=[x_bounds, y_bounds])

fun: 10.461538461538463
message: ‘Optimization terminated successfully.’
nit: 2
slack: array([0., 0.])
status: 0
success: True
x: array([1.38461538, 2.46153846])
Which means for x=1.38461538 and y= 2.46153846 the objective function z will be maximum which is


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