Operations Research Methodology

Every Operations Research specialist may have his own way of solving problems. However, the effective use of
Operations Research techniques require to problem solving consists of the following six steps:

a).Formulation of the problem

: It involves analysis of physical systems, setting of objectives
determination of restriction, constraints against which decision should be adopted,
alternative courses of actions and measurement of effectiveness.

b).Construction of Mathematical Model

: After formulation of the problem , the next step is
to express all the relevant variables of the problem into a mathematical model . Further, general mathematical model might take the form:  E = f(x,y)
Where f represent a system of mathematical relationship between the measure of
effectiveness of the objective sought(E) and variable, both controllable (x) and

c).Deriving the solution from the model

: To determine the value of decisions variables that
optimize the given objective function. This deals with the mathematical calculations for
obtaining the solution to the models. Sometimes, it is essential to perform sensitivity analysis
to determine the behavior of the system. Moreover, changes in the system’s parameter and
specifications. Finally, the variable may be accurate or stable, and the structural assumptions of the model may not be valid.

d).Validity of the model

: One should  validate the model  to measure its accuracy. That means
it contains all the objectives , constraints and decisions variables relevant to the problem.
In addition, the objectives, constraints and decisions variables include in the model are all relevant
to, or actually part of the problem. The functional relationship are valid.

e).Control over the solution

: The proper feedback of the information on variable which
deviated significantly. As soon as one or more of the controlled variables changes
significantly, the solution goes out of control. In such a situation the model may
accordingly be modified.

f).Implementation of the final result

: The tested result of the model are implemented to
work. This would basically involve a careful explanation of the solution to  adopt
and its relationship with operating realities . This stage of OR investigation to executed
primarily through co-operation of both the

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