What is Network Simulation?

What is Network Simulation? To understand network simulation you have to understand simulation and to understand simulation you have to understand system, model,  simulation, computer network model so let us start with the system. What is a system? Generally speaking,  a system [1] is a collection of objects that interact with each other to achieve … Read more What is Network Simulation?

Develop a Simple WordPress Plugin

Develop a Simple WordPress Plugin If you want to customize or need to add an extra functionality for your website. You can do this by changing the core of the WordPress. However, if WordPress gets updated your changes will be ineffective. So, to get rid of this problem WordPress introduced modular architecture. Furthermore, if ones … Read more Develop a Simple WordPress Plugin

Include CSS in HTML Document

Include CSS in HTML Document CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and the language describes HTML tags, furthermore, it eliminates the repetition in making HTML tags stylish. Moreover, it would be better to give examples that can make you better understand. To include CSS styles tag is used. Here I will explain using heading tag … Read more Include CSS in HTML Document

HTML Tutorial : img Tag

HTML Tutorial : img Tag In this post, I will show how does img tag works. Syntax <img  src=”image_address.jpg” alt=”image_name”&gt; Here img –  image tag src  attribute – address   of the image alt  attribute- alternative for  the image ………………………………………………………………….. Example src=”https://www.postnetwork.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/gplus.jpeg” alt=”googleplusimage” final image tag <img  src=”https://www.postnetwork.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/gplus.jpeg”  alt=”googleplusimage”> ———————————————– Output

Social Widgets for Websites

Social Widgets for Websites When you build a website you may need social media like button, subscription button, survey widgets and follow buttons. Further,  to add these widgets in WordPress, you can easily install plugins. However, in Blogger you have to put the JavaScript code provided by the websites listed below. In this post, I will … Read more Social Widgets for Websites