Switch Case in C/C++

Switch Case statement is use to build   decision making  programs.

Like if-else, switch case is also a decision-making structure. Furthermore, it can help to make decision-making programs.

For example, if you want to make a grading system program.

In which

90-99- Grade A

80-89- Grade B

70-79- Grade C

60-69- Grade D

50-59- Grade E

Less than 50-  Fail


void main()


int marks, grade;

printf(“Enter the marks”, &marks);

if( marks>100 || marks< 0)


printf(“Enter valid marks score”)

} else {



grade= marks/10;

switch(grade) {
case 9:
printf(“Grade A”);
break ;

case 8:
printf(“Grade B”);
break ;

case 7:
printf(“Grade C”);
break ;

case 6:
printf(“Grade D”);
break ;

case 5:
printf(“Grade E”);
break ;

break ;

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