Big Data

Big data can be characterized as a data set having four V’s.

Which are

1- Volume-

Internet, sensors, actuators and other digital platforms generate a huge volume of data.  These data can be considered as big data.

2- Variety-

Data variety refers to different forms of data. Such as text, images, videos, server log files, sensors’ generated data.

3- Velocity-

The speed at data is generated and analyzed is a parameter to be considered data to be big data.

4- Veracity-

Data quality and importance also an extended parameter for a data set be big data.


The above-mentioned characteristics of data differ from traditional data to big data.

Big Data Analytics-

Big data analytics refers to advanced techniques and algorithm to analyze big data.

Such as machine learning algorithms and data science techniques.


Big Data Analytics Tools-

1- R programming

2- Apache  Spark

3- Python

4- Weka



[1]- Russom, P., 2011. Big data analytics. TDWI best practices report, fourth quarter19(4), pp.1-34.

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