Create a Social Media Website Using WordPress

Create a Social Media Website Using WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS ( Content Management System) on the Internet. Moreover, 30% of websites are powered by the WordPress. Almost 55, 000 plugins are available to customize. Such as e-commerce, web directory, social media, business listings, SEO and many more. Furthermore, creating a social media platform is very important to engage your visitors on your website. There are many  WordPress plugins available to create a social media website.  But the most popular one is BuddyPress which can turn your website into a social media platform. Installing the BuddyPress is not sufficient to make a complete social media website. However, you will need more plugins.

In this article, I am going to describe BuddyPress and its helper plugins that will turn your website into a social media network.


A very popular social media WordPress plugin and has the active community of developers.  Many websites are powered by BuddyPress and rank in Google.  A lot of add-ons are available to add features in BuddyPress website. Which I am going to list and explain. The link for download is. 
Download BuddyPress

1- bbPress-

bbPress is a forum plugin that can work alone or with BuddyPress. If you integrate with BuddyPress it will add a forum tab in BuddyPress profile tab. Moreover, a BuddyPress user can create a topic and reply a topic.
The link for download is.

Download bbPress

2- Woocommerce-

Woocommerce is an e-commerce plugin and using this plugin shop can be created in BuddyPress profile tab. And you can also sell products using this plugin. Further, if you integrate this plugin with BuddyPress. A Shop tab will be added in BuddyPress profile tab. And If you list any product it will be visible to BuddyPress users. And you can money from the website.
The link for download is.
Download Woocommerce


rtMedia is for managing media uploads and it can engage BuddyPress’ users. Further, using this plugin a user can upload images, videos and can make galleries of media files.

Download rtMedia

4- BePro Listings- 

This plugin is for the listing of websites or business for traffic or sales.
Bepro Listings

5-BP Friends Suggestions Widget

Using plugin you can add a widget in which friends will be suggested.

Now I am going to list the plugins without explaining you can search easily in WordPress repository.


6-BP Groups Suggestions-


A group suggestion plugin that can help users to join appropriate groups.




This plugin adds a blog tab. Further, using this plugin you can provide a blogging platform for users.

8-BuddyPress Activity Plus- 

Add features in activity bar.

9-BuddyPress Follow

Adds follow tab in BuddyPress profile.

10-BuddyPress Friend of a Friend (FOAF)

Shows friends of friends.

11-BuddyPress Group Email Subscription

This plugin allows users to subscribe groups to  get notifications by email.

13-CM Answers

This plugin adds question answer forum to BuddyPress.


Plugin increases engagement by giving some rewards for activities.

15-Simple BuddyPress Profile Privacy

Adds privacy tab to profile.

16-Social Login, Social Sharing by miniOrange

Provides features to BuddyPress login with Google, Facebook, Instagram or Amazon. That will provide an easy registration process for users.


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