Internet of Things (IoT)

What is IoT-

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to linking of devices that make a network and can share data. Further, here devices can be a bulb, a vehicle, a sensor in the human body, and even a door that you can open from a remote control.  IoT helps in automation, technology-driven business, health, smart city, intelligence vehicle system and many areas where automation needs.

How the Internet of Things  Works

You can understand it by example. Suppose your home’s power control system is connected to the Internet.   Offcource your mobile is connected to the Internet. And you had gone to the office without switching off bulbs and fans.  You do not need to come home you can do it from your office. You can monitor your home from anywhere connecting your security camera to mobile.

 Internet of Things Applications, Development and Jobs

There are diverse applications of IoT devices. Moreover, from the health sector to industrial and big companies are investing billions of dollars in the different sectors. Key players are Cisco [2], Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Intel. Furthermore, this sector is also going to create a number of Job opportunities. Such as researcher, developer and maintenance sector and in the e-commerce industry.


Internet of Things Devices List-

1- Amazon Dash Buttons

2- Amazon Echo

3- Body Area Sensors

4- Home automation

Devices Online-

Aliexpress, Amazon, and E-Bay are the marketplaces where  IoT devices you can purchase for your needs.


To sum up, I have given an overview of the Internet of Things hope it will help you to understand.



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