Python Fundamentals

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    Python character set
    Tokens and its types
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Things to remember

Character set is a set of valid characters which Python recognizes and uses.

Python has the following character set.

Letters: {a,b,c,….,z} {A,B,C,…Z}
Digits: {0,1,2,3,4,….,9}
Special Symbols: (), _, #, {}
Whitespaces: newline, tab, formfeed
ASCII and Unicode characters

Tokens in Python


Sunita Arora, Computer Science with Python Textbook for Class XI, Dhanpat Rai and Co., Edition 2019, Pages 120-154.

You have learned, it is time to test yourself.



#1. Which quotation mark can be used for a multiline string?

#2. Which is a valid identifier in Python?

Correct option is _DS

Option DATA-REC is false because -(hyphen)  can not be part of an identifier.

Option 29CLCT is false because 29( a number i)  can be part of  an identifier, however, it can not be at the beginning.

#3. Which one is a special literal in Python?

#4. Which option is correct?

None of the above is correct because  opening quotation is triple but closing is double. So, there would be an error

#5. Which one is a Boolean literal in Python?

#6. What would be output of the above program?

#7. Identifiers are

#8. Keywords are

#9. What would be the output of the above program? (See ASCII code table corresponding to hexadecimal values)

#10. An escape sequence is represented by.

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