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Impact Factor of Journals

Impact Factor (I.F.) is a  reputation measurement of research journals that shows citations per publication during a period of time.

The Impact Factor is usually used to measure an academic journal reputation, popularity and for ranking.

How to Find the Impact Factor-

The general formula for the Impact Factor calculation is

Impact Factor =  Number of Citations /  Number of Publications

In a duration usually   in two years.

For instance,

If you want to calculate the Impact Factor in year x.

Suppose a journal published  200 papers in year x-1. And numbers of citations to the papers are 400.

100 papers in the x-2 year. And the number of citations to the papers 200.

Then the Impact Factor of the journal will be.

I. F.= ( 400+200)/(200+100)= 2

JCR calculates in previous five years duration.

 Impact Factor Measurement Tools


If you put journal title, ISSN or publisher name. The tool will show all the detail about the journal.

Impact Factor Tool.png
Impact Factor Tool


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