Position Vs Content Lenght

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of a website in Search Engine  Results Page (SERP).

If you build a website and write posts or sell a product or service. You want your website to be in the first position in the search results. However, there are several factors that decide your rank in search engines. Further, to understand why do you need SEO. You have to understand how search works.

Consider today you have developed a website. Although, search engines do not know about your website. So, there are two methods to let search engines know. The first one is to assign the sitemap of your website to search engines. Usually, the sitemap can be found at the URL  www.yourwebsite/sitemap.xml. And if you assign the URL search engines will crawl and index in their database. The second one is search engines will reach on your website by the following link to link. This one may take time your website’s URLs to be indexed. Moreover, the first one is the better way for your URLs to be indexed. I have mentioned two terms index and crawl. These terms are very important in the perspective of how search work. And I am going to explain.


Crawling or scrapping is the process of download web pages and to extract information from the page. Such as keywords, URLs,  content length and other necessary information.


Indexing is the process of storing URLs and its associated meta information in the database. 

Until you have understood that how search engines crawl and index your websites’  URLs. Whenever a user hits a query in the search bar search engines search and sort URLs on some criteria and give results which are also called SERPs.

You must have understood that how search works. Furthermore, we will discuss why do you need SEO.

Consider a user hits a query SEO and only you have written the post whose title is “Make Money Online”. Then your post will be in the first position. However,  this is not the case and thousands of the posts that contain this phrase search engines have in their database. So you have competitors. To beat your competitors you need to do SEO.

There are two types of SEO.

[A]- On-Page-SEO-

[1]- Keyword and Competition Research-

Keyword research is fundamental to SEO. If a user hit a query from the search engine. Search engines look for the keyword in the database and show the results. Furthermore, keyword research has two factors first competition and second search volume. If there is a high search volume of the keyword you have chosen.   The possibility of your post to be in search results will be high. However, if there is a high search volume. Likely there will be high competition. You need to search for low competition. But high search volume. A free tool KeywordEverywhere that can be installed as browser’s plugin you can use. You can see KeyWordEveryWhere result for the keyword Cloud Computing.


[2]- Navigation-

Your website’s navigation system should be very interactive. So that users can find the content very easily. Otherwise, the user will get frustrated and would not like to come next time on your website.

[3]- Website Speed- 

Your website speed should be very good. So choose a server which has low latency from your target audience.

Or use caching  and CND services. Google does not reward for high speed. However, penalize for slow speed.

[4]- Content-Length- 

Content length of your post matters a lot. It has been observed that long content length posts rank higher in Google for a keyword. Here, I am going to do some research to prove this statement.

Position Vs Content Lenght
Position Vs Content Lenght

As you can see in the graph if content length is decreasing position in SERP also decreasing. So write a long content length that will help your post to be ranked high. However, this does not mean that include irrelevant content. Include relevant and useful content for the user.

[5]- Plagiarism Check- 

It is important to check plagiarism. Because intentionally or unintentionally you might have copied some content from somewhere.  If your content is plagiarized. Somebody may claim and it will not be good for your reputation and ranking. Because Google will penalize your website slowly.

[6]- Search Engine Marketing-

You can use this paid method to bring your website in the first position. Google provide tool Google Ads. Where you can bid for keywords. And Google will bring your website according to quality score.

[7]- Social Media Marketing-

This is also a very good paid method to bring traffic to your website. You can advertise your website on social media. Such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more.

[8]- Add Alt Tag to Images-

Suppose your website is slow. Then the image takes time to load. In the place of the image, there will be nothing. Alt tag provides the name for the images whenever your website takes time to load. And the tag helps the user to understand what is at the blank space and what is the image about.

[B]- Off-Page-SEO-

[1]- Building Backlinks-

Building backlinks are a very important aspect of SEO. And one should build backlinks continuously. It helps to rank better in Google.

There are several ways to build backlinks. However, you should build quality and relevant backlinks to your website. I am going to list some ways to build backlinks.

[1.1] Posting Comments on Websites-

If you post a comment on a website then some websites require to put URL. You can put URL of your website. It will provide a backlink and if somebody clicks on your website URL he reaches your website.

[1.2] Directory Submission-

There are many websites which provide backlinks to your website according to the category. These websites are called web directories. These are paid and free both. You choose according to your budget.

List of Web Directories



www Britain directory com



[1.3]-  Guest Posting-

Using guest posting you can build backlinks as well as the brand of your website.  In this method, you write an article for other websites as a guest. And the website will write about your blog and work and provide a backlink. For branding and traffic, this method is very useful.  Because readers will know about you and your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

SEO tools help to understand web traffic patterns of your website. There are several tools available for SEO checklists.

<1>-Search Engine Ranking Position Tools-

To know the search engine ranking position you can create an account on webmasters. Furthermore,  Google Webmaster (Now Search Console) tool can help you to know your ranking position.


Search Position in Google
<2>Alexa Rank-

This tool is very important to know your websites’ backlinks, bounce rate, the percentage of traffic from search engines. Furthermore, it shows the percentage of visitors from different countries. Using this tool you can understand traffic an optimize SEO. The web link for this tool is  https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo.

<3> SEO quake-

This tool includes almost all SEO parameters. Such as search engines indexes, backlinks, Alexa rank, SEMRUSH ranks and many more. Moreover, you can install it as a browser plugin available for Google Chrome and  Mozilla Firefox. Furthermore, using this tool you can understand about your competitors’ websites in one place. It has unique features such as the number of websites’ URL indexed in major search engines. Such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.  It also shows the age of website using the archive database.



                                                                                                                     SEOquake in SERP



SEOquake Tool

Link to install


<4>Link Research SEO Toolbar-

This tool is very useful for link research and you can install it as a browser plugin.

<5> BuzzSumo-

This tool shows the social media shares. On Facebook, Twitter, and Pin. It can help to increase the social popularity of your website. Moreover, it can also assist you to understand competitors article popularity on social media.  So that you will understand how many links your article needs to appear on the Google.  Social popularity is very important ranking signals and also for referral traffic.

Link to install


<6> Ubersuggest 

Ubersuggest is a powerful tool to research keywords. Which shows important metrics about keywords. Such as search volume, SEO difficulty,    paid difficulty, and cost per click country level. One of the important features of the tool is SERP extraction and their metrics. You can also export results in CSV (  Comma Separated Value)  format or copy all the results.  Which helps in competitor analysis. This is a free and full-featured keyword analysis tool. Using this tool you can have an experience of researching keywords.






SEOProfiler is a tool which is very useful to take measurable action for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It performs links monitoring, and keyword and competition analysis. Furthermore, it also shows the backlink opportunities with LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)  keywords percentage. If the LSI keyword match is high the chances that Google will not penalize your website.

Grammar Checkers-

Directly grammar checkers do not assist in SEO. However, if your’s articles grammar is correct then visitors will stay more time on your website and bounce rate will be low. Furthermore, it will improve your writing style and this is the most important factor to be successful in blogging.

i-Ginger Grammer Checker- 


It is a very useful online tool to check grammar. Moreover, it makes you avoid many mistakes in writing.

It can be installed as a browser’s plugin.

Link to install





Grammarly is one of the most popular tools for grammar checking.  Further, it can check syntax, grammar, comma and many more. You can install it as the browser’s plugin.

Link to install-





To sum up, in this post I have explained how the search works. About On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO techniques and tools. You can apply them to bring your website on higher rank in SERP.

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